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UW Gear is a 100% family owned and operated small business. We are not a big company with dozens of employees. Our goal is simple. To provide the prepared citizen with the support gear necessary to fight, defend, and protect his/her home, family and friends in a catastrophic event or otherwise non permissive environment.  Although what we make may be used by military and police, our primary focus is making kit that we, as armed citizens, can use for come-what-may.  We have tried to distill our designs down to what we need to fight, nothing more, nothing less. What you will find here is simple but sturdy gear, made for carrying your rifle, support gear, plus a few other items, and to easily integrate with other existing gear such as belt rigs, backpacks and rucks, etc..


Our fighting philosophy is simple.  We believe that how we may face violent threats, be it street crime or man made/natural disasters, is more akin to the guerilla or LRRP, rather than the average infantry soldier or policeman.  We will more than likely be fighting alone, or in small groups, with little or no support.  Our weapons, equipment, and tactics must reflect this fact.  While we thank those that served our country as soldiers and policeman, we do not blindly follow their T,T,&P's.  We believe in establishing our own evaluation of the situation, and plan for threats we see as likely or possible.  We believe in testing our own weapons, equipment, and tactics, to discover what actually works for us.


Our gear reflects this philosophy.  We build our kit based on how we may have to fight with it. We build our kit with protection and retention in mind. We build our kit to last a long time, because it may have to.  We aren't going to get new kit issued each year or after each engagement.  We build our kit to be simple use and operate. In short, we are making kit to fight in, just as our forefathers did.  Unconventional warfare, American style.


We combine our design ideas with input from some trusted friends, with the best materials and techniques we have found to work over the years, to give you some unique kit, made for our terrain and situation, not someone else's.


That's why we call ourselves UW Gear.