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Due to current order backlog, order placement is temporarily closed.

Once we are caught up to a shorter lead time, orders will reopen. Please monitor Facebook/Youtube/Instagram for updates.

Please click on the "View Cart" button to check your order.




Refunds/Cancellations: We will process your order with a $25 cancellation fee and return your money minus 3% PayPal fee.


Lead Time: If your item is in stock it will ship out within two business days of receipt of your order.

If it is not in stock the lead time ranges from 3 to 12 months and is subject to order volume and availability of materials.


Bill to/Ship to: If your Shipping Address is different from your Billing Address, please send an email to us with your order number and the Shipping Address you'd like it sent to and we'll get it there.


Warranty: We make the best rigs we can, that will not only work to supply your extra ammo to your gun (in a timely manner), but will protect your mags from the elements, and last a LONG time. Each of these attributes is important, and all are considered when we make a piece of kit.


We don't offer any specific or implied warranty. We do stand behind our products though. If you have any issues with the quality, workmanship, etc.., or any failures with our gear, all we ask is that you contact us and give us a chance to make it right. Issues will be handled on a case by case basis.


Thanks, UWGear.